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Deciding my Research Topic and Sources

November 5, 2012

I need to decide on what topic my research will look into. I’ll probably do a few presentations on this, with videos and such.

I have a few choices I can think of;

Research about the Games Industry, politics in/surrounding certain videogames, what they can be used for apart from fun, etc.

– Things like “Unmanned” and other ‘insight’ type games, or how publishers control games studios, crowdsourcing and what it can do, etc.

– Deus Ex has a storyline that takes a stab at the divide between rich and poor in a very literal way, the augment debate in Human Revolution, etc.

Research about LGBT, especially Trans* issues, because I have a lot of primary research available for that, or maybe something about gender politics/equality as a whole.

– How politics in country differ with their views on LGBT, or the divide between pay rates for men and women even in England today, etc.

– Plenty of sources of information, a large social network of LGBT friends to speak to, documentary clips, blogs etc.

Research about a favourite series of mine, like an anime/cartoon/movie series, like TRON, or The Legend of Aang/Korra Avatar series, or Transformers (the animated series).

– The original Transformers series, or things like looking into depth with the themes of the series, such as the ‘anti-bender’plot in The Legend of Korra.

– I could find clips from series to use, and have entertaining presentations, while showing a deep understanding of the subject matter

o A manga called “Wandering Son” explores the lives of 2 Transgender people from an early age, so I could blend the LGBT topic and this one together.

Something about a game series I know well, like super smash brothers, or Warhammer 40K Lore.

– Warhammer 40K has a lot of lore and backstory, and I know where to find official codex/rulebooks/novels about the lore too, so primary research would be easy.

– Super smash bros is easy to find primary research about too, and the series is very well documented due to its fame.

– The supreme commander series has some lore and story, but I’m unsure about using it for a full project.

– Nintendo lore could be useful, series like Metroid and such, if they have a lot of material to look into.

– EVE Online has a lot of lore, there are 3 novels and their website has short stories added to the lore every fortnight, so there would be plenty of material.

o This could tie into video games research, because the same company has made Dust 514, the first cross-platform game to feature real-time PC/PS3 gameplay.

I’ll probably base my research project on EVE Online, with blog posts, presentations, and a summary of various things regarding it.

– Dust 514, Fanfest, Permaband, Black Mountain, the 3 Novels, Capsuleers and Civilians, Nullsec warfare, the Ships and Capitals, Civilian Life etc.


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