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EVE Online Expansion Summary – Second Genesis

January 16, 2013

Above: The Second Genesis title and log-in screen.

The first expansion to EVE Online was named castor, and was released in December 2003, about 7 months after the release of the game in May (which was entitled Second Genesis).

My own experience with the expansion:

When I first signed up for the game during a later expansion (Revelations II), an introduction was played that had been there from the beginning;

Other than the introduction, the graphic style of the game was still in its infancy (a later expansion called Trinity would overhaul the graphics engine), and the UI wasn’t far off from what it is today. In Castor, however, the UI featured a “Threats” elements, a window that listed objects and enemies in nearby space; this would later become “The Overview”.

An old relic from the very first UI in EvE shows a 3D Radar tool that functioned similar to the current Overview window, as seen here:

A screenshot of an early, pre-release EVE Online build, featuring the Radar part of the GUI.

Main features:

  • The start of a steady pace of updates and expansions to the game for already-subscribing players.
  • Player-Run Economy, though at this stage it was still based heavily off of NPCs selling a lot of the available goods.
  • CCP estimated the largest conflicts in the game to have “a few hundred players at most” at this point.
  • All Tech level 1 ships were added to the game. There were no Capital or Tech2 and 3 ships in the game at this point, and many players remember being happy to have a cruiser.
  • Battleships were rare, and an infamous “Lord Zap” was known for flying a Tempest battleship extremely well in player-versus-player combat.
  • There were 5,000 solar systems in this version of the game; it would later grow far larger with a later expansion (Apocrypha).
  • There were approximately 5,000 active players at that time; in recent times, the game often has at least 30-40,000 players at once.

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