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EVE Online Expansion Summary – Castor

January 24, 2013


Above: A screenshot of a Tech 2 Kestrel ship in the Castor expansion.

Castor was released on the 13th of December, 2003, and it’s main focus was adding Tech 2 ‘elite’ Ships and refining current features. Factions were given police forces that shoot at people who dont have a good enough security standing, so outlaws or enemies of the factions can now fight back.

In no-security areas, neutral space stations were added, and players could capture Them. they’re invincible, and people can tax others for using their services, so having a corporation own a station was a big deal for player politics.

A change that has lasted a decade was the introduction of Agents that give people Missions (essentially their version of quests, given out by the Agents in space stations) and blueprints (that people can use to manufacture items, especially Tech 2 items). The agents at this point were only difficult enough to be classed as level 3 at most, which would change in later expansions.

This expansion took almost a year to be released, but it went by largely unnoticed by the community; tech2 ships were basically direct upgrades to their tech1 variants, and most people didnt see them until months later due to how expensive they were; there were less than 50,000 players subscribed, so there wasn’t much money floating around the ingame economy.

Torpedoes still caused splash damage in this expansion, as well as pushing peoples ships enough to stop them from being able to escape using their warp drive, though I only ever played after this was changed. The UI was also very difficult to use, and it had been changed by the time I ever joined.


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