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Quantitative and Qualitative Research

January 31, 2013

Quantative Research

Quantative Research is based largely around numbers and graphs, presentable data, percentages and true/false answers and objective values.

  • ‘Quant-‘ is often associated with numbers and amounts in the English language. Quantity means “the amount of something” , usually.
  • Generally, this type of research is easy to present, being able to make graphs and charts about this type of data is often easy to do for a powerpoint or visual or poster type presentation, or a summary in a new article.
  • A common example could be rating things out of 5, like hotels and the 5star system, which uses quantity to simplify the many aspects of Hotels.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research focuses on opinions, language, and the meaning of things to people. It can often be summed up best in a paragraph or narrative, and isn’t easily turned into a graph or chart.

  • Quotation Marks are often used to cite evidence or research that is Qualitative. E.g “Some people described the movie as “Confusing””
  • Citing phrases from Reviews and professional opinions is more qualitative than Quantative.
  • This type of research also gives more of a clue to the context of a media production, and the tone or setting, and how it affected its viewers/consumers.

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