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Market Research

February 8, 2013

Market Research


Definition and Examples

Inception Poster

In this case, Market Research is the phrase I will use to refer to the practise of researching an audience and their likeliness to purchase a product, and what they respond to. Inception1 has a very good way of engaging their audience (as many people as possible), and is a good example of market research; the movie was designed so that many people could relate to it, and if someone can relate to a movie, then it’s a lot easier to engage and hold their attention. An example of video game market research could be a game called Spec Ops: The Line; it was designed to appeal to the promisingly profitable  market of Military Shooter gamers, which has been proven to exist by games like Battlefield and Call of Duty and their success.

Sources of Information

Captain Walker

Above: Captain Walker, the player character in Spec Ops :The Line, towards the end of the game, began to show signs of stress disorders associated with soldiers in war.

Market Research can be Primary and Secondary Research; Spec Ops went for a secondary research method to begin with, and looked at the success of other titles with a similar theme before starting development on something that was aiming to grab its fair slice of the console shooter pie. Further on however, the publisher decided to develop an Online Multiplayer feature, purely because their publishers market research told them that the game would sell much better if it had this.2

Asking people or finding out what people look for in a genre or niche of media is often the easiest part; well-qualified reviews and feedback of the media already occupying the genre can be a clue as to what people would like to see from future works. A common example in gaming could be ‘military shooters with regenerating health’ sell well, so that could be an audience to aim for if you were up for the competition posed by the media already occupying the audience’s attention.

Monetising Market Research


Some companies know that media producers and funders will want their market research ASAP – it’s crucial to know who you’re going to sell to, and whether they’ll buy it, and having predictable success is a virtue for your product. So, some companies even sell already-taken survey results and market research to other companies – FreshMinds is an example of a London-based company that offers this service.





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